Query Studio for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Overview

Query Studio for Marketing Cloud app allows you to quickly run queries without creating the source DE and also provides a good playground before the actual segmentation of data for campaigns.


You can get Query Studio for Marketing Cloud for free from Salesforce AppExchange.

Link for App : https://appexchange.salesforce.com/appxListingDetail?listingId=a0N3A00000FP3yFUAT

After you install the app, you need to log out and log back in, to be able to access it from the App Exchange menu:

Step 1. After the installation and setup is done, You can view the studio under the Appexchange tab as shown in the Image.

Step 2: When you click that studio it will take you to the Query Studio Editor page. Which you can use it as workspace for queries.

Click on run to view the results.

‘Query’ space is where you can type the query name and can fetch the exiting Query Activity in the system. We can modify and test it without hampering the data.’Save As’ will save it as a new Query activity.

Step 5: ‘Data Extension’ space is to fetch the Target data extensions if we have a plan to store them.

We can also Validate the data into Target DE by clicking ‘Validate Data’. This will show any errors if it has anything as shown below.

Step 6: We can also check the possibility of ‘Overwrite’, ‘Update’, and ‘Append’ by selecting the Data Actions and also can save the results as shown below.

Unfortunately, the Query Studio is still missing a debugging feature, which would show syntax errors in your query:

Query Studio creates a new folder in your Data Extensions folder, called “QueryStudioResults”:

QueryStudioResults data extension folder will be created in your account to hold temporary data extensions, which have data retention set to auto-delete after 24 hours. Each time you run a query in Query Studio, a new Data Extension is created.

Every Query Studio user will also have a query activity created in Automation Studio for them, which is used for running one-off queries. It will contain ‘InteractiveQuery’ in the name:

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